Protecting Our Heritage

Watervale has long had a commitment to our history and our environment.  We are on both the State and National Historic Register with a dedication to renovating our property while preserving our past.

We believe that it is the little things that count.  In 2023, Watervale installed a charger for electric vehicles.  Our gardens feature native plants and flowers.  We still hang our sheets our to dry. We have an agreement with a local recycling center and our kitchen food scraps are all sold to a local farmer.

Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy

Our biggest commitment to the preserving the local environment came about in 1995 when the Kraft/Noble family placed over a mile of Lake Michigan shoreline into a Conservation Easement protecting this land forever. This easement permanently restricts Watervale from developing our Lake Michigan shoreline. In addition, numerous Watervale guests continued this legacy by contributing to the Coastal Campaign that created the Baldy and Green Point Preserves and protected over six miles of shoreline.

Taste the Local Difference

Watervale is a strong supporter of our local farmers.  We feature more than a dozen local vendors and farmers on our menu. Zenner Tomatoes, Z & N for produce and Lost Lake Farms lettuce.  Kari Fields for our farm fresh eggs and grass fed beef and  Arden Bradford for local honey.  Roaster Jack coffee, Weebee Jammin Jams,  Putney Maple Syrup, Ebel’s Meats,  Moomers and Hilltop Soda Shoppe Ice Cream represent just a few of the local names that appear on our dining room menu.

The Benzie Conservation District

With the Benzie Conservation District, We’ve created a buffer garden on Lower Herring Lake which protects our water from contaminants. Each year,  over 5000 bunches of beach grass are planted on the Lake Michigan beach to protect and reinforce our dunes.

The Lower Herring Lake Association

The Lower Herring Lake Association is on the forefront of combating invasive species, swimmer’s itch and rising lake levels on our lake.  The LHLA has protected our waters from Eurasian Water Milfoil, Starry Stonewart and Phragmites through select treatments.  The State of Michigan and the Federal Government has granted the LHLA permits to dig the outlet stream when rising waters threaten our lakeshore.    For more information please visit the Lower Herring Lake Association Facebook page.