The Leo Hale Lumber Company

The Leo Hale lumber company built the lumber town of Watervale in 1892. With a railroad that ran from Upper Herring to the great peir on Lake Michigan, the town ran as a lumber mill for just a few years until the company was bankrupted in the Panic of 1893 and the town was abandoned.

Dr. Oscar Kraft

Dr. Oscar Kraft purchased Watervale in 1917 as a gathering spot for his extended family. This gathering spot evolved into a summer resort with guest registers dating from 1918. Dr. Kraft's niece, Vera and her husband Vernon Noble, purchased Watervale in 1960 and owned it until her death in 2005.

The Present

Vera & Vernon's three children now own Watervale and continue the tradition of bringing families together to this idyllic place on earth.

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