Rent the Fredericka Cottage

The Fredericka is named for Fred Kraft, Vera’s brother and nephew of Oscar Kraft. The only cottage named for a male relative.  Built in the early 1970’s, the Fredericka is centrally located near the Inn and on Lower Herring Lake.  Guests will enjoy the large front deck with views of Lower Herring Lake, inviting living room with fireplace, and the central location.

Summer Season

$3,925 Per Week

Additional $250 Per Person weekly meal charge applies

Spring & Fall Season

$350 Per Night

Optional meals maybe available on the weekends

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Cottage Details
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Sleeps 6
The Rooms

With a wide open floor plan and large living room, the Fredericka is a comfortable place for a family of all ages. The Fredericka has a master bedroom and bathroom on one side and a suite of rooms on the other side with a queen bedroom and twin bedroom with a connecting bathroom.  Other features include a large outside deck and a fireplace.

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Summer Rates
$3,925 Per Week
+$250 Per Person Meal Charge
Spring & Fall Rates
$350 Per Night
Optional meals